Best Online Casino Cashback Bonuses 2022

On a losing streak? You get a chance to win back some of it, if not more, if you play your cards right, use all the valuable info we’ve gathered for you and claim the best casino cashback bonuses. We have all the best casino cashback offers ready to go, and are ready to teach you how to recognise which offers are the ones that will work for you. We keep reviewing and adding cashback casinos constantly so you will never run out of top-notch options.

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Nine Casino

Cash Back Bonuses
  • Casino
Up to 20% Daily Cashback from Nine Casino
  • Percentage: 20%
  • Minimum Deposit: €20
  • Wagering: 5x
  • Maximum Cashout: €5000

The Aim Behind Casino Cashback Bonuses

The purpose of cashback offers is to give players a chance to cut back on their losses. On the weeks when luck’s just not on your side, a cashback bonus will give you a percentage of your net losses for that particular day, week or month so you can try to get back the sum you’ve lost or even win more.

They are always a certain percentage of a sum up to a maximum amount (example: 20% of net losses up to £1000). All cashback casinos get to decide how much they wish to offer you, but generally you will see that most cashback bonuses will bring you between 10% and 25%.

Casinos offer this type of offer to make sure that players don't get discouraged when they lose and that they keep playing. It’s a great way to get loyal customers that keep coming back and don’t leave to find a different casino hoping their luck will change.

How to Recognize a Good Cashback Offer




Cashback % 



Bonus Amount






There are several other factors like max cashout, games available, time to claim the offer and finish the wagering, but the most important ones are the percentage, the bonus amount and the wagering requirements.

A great cash back offer will give you a high percentage and high bonus amount and not cap the bonus at just £100 or even lower. What is more, the offer will have very low wagering requirements. You should know that most times cashback bonuses have just 1x wagering requirements, so something is shady if you find a bonus with higher wagering, even if it’s not that high.

Responsible Gambling and Cashback Casino Bonuses

While cash back bonuses seem like the kind of thing that could get you out of a tight place, you shouldn’t rely on them and abuse them that much. Sure, they are useful and a much better option than losing, but everything should be used in good measure.

Responsible gambling is crucial and you need to use your mind to decide when cashback bonuses are a good choice and when you should just take a break and try again at some other time. Not even cashback offers are a 100% foolproof method to get your money back. Also, fun should be your main priority, not winning.

Remember that you need to constantly revisit problem gamblig in your mind and see if you’re a casual gambler with no issues or if you should be concerned and seek help.

Final Thoughts on Cashback Casinos and Bonuses

Casino cashback bonuses are a useful tool that can genuinely help you out. While they don’t bring you extra funds like the other bonuses or free cash or spins, this bonus is the only one that will give you back some of your losses.

Use it wisely and claim as many as you want from the best casinos of the gambling industry. Check out our selections and pick the ones that you think will work for you. Keep in mind that we are constantly adding new casinos and bonuses after carefully testing each and every one of them.


Are cashback casino bonuses legal?

Of course they are. If you claim them from legal and licensed online casino sites then they are obligated by law to only give out legal bonuses.

What is casino cashback?

A bonus offer in which you shall receive a percentage of your net losses over a certain period of time up to a specific sum.

What is the difference between a welcome bonus and cashback bonus?

Welcome bonuses are offered to new players on their first deposit, while cashback offers are for existing customers who have deposited, played and lost real money.

How to get cashback bonus online casino?

Using our links, you will reach the casino with the offer you're interested in. there you must sign up or sign in. Some offers will require that you use a bonus code, while others will be automatically granted.

What are the advantages of casino cashback?

It can turn a low into a high, bring you back some of your funds, doesn’t require an additional deposit, has 0 risks, low wagering and decent chances of bringing you some nice winnings.